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10 Amazing things you didn't know your Android could do

You're likely mindful of the majority of these uses – checking online networking, sending messages, notwithstanding making telephone calls and sending writings – yet you won't not have found the greater part of the ways you can utilize your Android cell phone. Here are 10 superpowers your telephone has that you can exploit.
Google has filled Android with extraordinary elements. You simply need to know where to discover them.

1. Voice seek with the screen off

Not everybody knows this (and not everybody can empower it) but rather some Android cell phones let you voice seek with the "alright Google" hotword notwithstanding when the screen is off. Numerous telephones can look from any screen when the screen is on, however just a couple telephones with a committed listening center can pursuit notwithstanding when the showcase is dormant.
Check your Google voice settings to check whether you can control your telephone even with the screen off.

To discover if your telephone can do this, go to Google settings > Search and Now > Voice > OK Google Detection > Always on and flip the switch. Recall that you'll have to prepare Google to perceive your voice first (the alternatives are on the same screen). Unsupported telephones will say From any screen as opposed to Always on.

2. Remote bolt or wipe your lost telephone

There's very little more terrible than losing your telephone, aside from losing your telephone and realizing that somebody may have entry to your information. It's not just discouraging, it's out and out unsafe. Did you realize that Google has a magnificent element called Android Device Manager that gives you a chance to track and take control of your telephone in the event that you ever lose it?
For whatever length of time that ADM is enacted you can remotely call, bolt or wipe your lost gadget.

ADM goes past simply following your telephone however: you can utilize it to ring your telephone, remotely bolt it or even manufacturing plant reset it on the off chance that you know you're never getting it back. Simply empower Android Device Manager in Settings > Security > Device Administrators and access the site on your PC in the event that you ever lose your telephone.

3. Get a do-it-without anyone's help dull subject

Android Marshmallow may have dumped the framework wide dull subject for the time being, however there is as of now a sort of do-it-without anyone else's help dim mode as of now on each telephone. Basically go to Settings > Accessibility > Color reversal (or on gadgets with Invert hues in the Quick Settings, simply tap that) to turn around the hues on screen.

In Accessibility flip the switch for Color Inversion or Invert Colors from Quick Settings.

Screenshots will in any case turn out ordinary and you'll have some really wild looking application symbols, however in the event that you have a for the most part light topic, flipping this switch will immediately get you some highly required dimness. It may not be a setting you need to utilize constantly, yet it can be extremely convenient for perusing during the evening or in splendid light.

4. Access Chrome tabs from different gadgets

In case you're utilizing Chrome as your default program – and let's be realistic: who isn't? – would you say you were mindful that you can get to the Chrome tabs from your different gadgets on your telephone or tablet?
Tap Recent Tabs (left) and sign into access Chrome tabs on every one of your gadgets.

For whatever length of time that you're signed into Chrome, when you dispatch another tab you'll see the Recent tabs alternative at the base right. Tap this to see the urls that are open on your other signed in gadgets and rapidly get to any of them.

5. On the off chance that discovered, come back to:

This is another awesome tip for anybody with a propensity to lose their things or for those with the propensity for leaving your telephone on the eatery table while they dash off to the restroom. In the event that your telephone gets lost and you think it has been gotten by somebody, you can put a message on the lock screen telling the discoverer of your telephone how to get in contact with you.

AndroidPIT Android 6 0 Marshmallow lock screen message

Dangers, email, telephone numbers, asks for benevolence: you can put it all on your lock screen.

You can accomplish the same thing with Android Device Manager in the event that you've officially lost your telephone, however the choice should be possible ahead of time as a security measure. Go to Settings > Security > Lock screen message to include your telephone number, email or return guidelines. Offering a prize for your telephone's sheltered return isn't a terrible thought either.

6. Record scanner

In the beginning of digitizing records and photos, you needed to put resources into an expansive flatbed scanner to make the physical advanced. These days you can utilize your cell phone camera as an alternative scanner. In spite of the fact that the quality isn't exactly as great, the procedure is significantly more advantageous.

On the off chance that you need to utilize your telephone along these lines there are various alternatives. You can simply snap an archive and spare it as a picture, while Google Drive can change over sweeps into PDF records and read the content inside of them, as can the magnificent CamScanner and Evernote.

7. Be a Wi-Fi hotspot

Tying is a component that the vast majority of you will know about, however not everybody knows you can transform your cell phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, and it's less demanding than any time in recent memory to do on Android Lollipop and Marshmallow. The procedure transforms your telephone's cell association into a Wi-Fi system that different gadgets can sign into.

Set up your own Wi-Fi hotspot.

Head to Settings > More > Tethering and versatile hotspot. You can set the system name and the secret key required to get to it, however ensure you watch out for your telephone's information use, else you may be met with a lofty bill.

8. Compass and gauge

Do you think about the greater part of the distinctive sensors stuffed inside your telephone? Not just does your versatile know which route is up or down, it additionally knows which way is north or south. You can download an application, for example, Smart Compass or AndroiTS Compass Free to utilize your telephone to explore your way around.

There are a lot of compass applications for Android.

Numerous telephones have a gauge as well, so you can transform your versatile into a compact climate station and get your own figure for the definite spot you're remaining in. Applications, for example, Barometer Altimeter DashClock and Barometer Monitor can offer you some assistance with seeing which way the climate's turning.

9. Examine standardized tags

Back to the camera on your cell phone: You can transform it into a usable standardized identification scanner easily and an application, for example, the relevantly named Barcode Scanner. The application works with QR codes and also standardized tags and there are a lot of outsider applications on the Google Play Store that do likewise work.

androidpit standardized identification scanner

Why might you need to filter a scanner tag? It to a great extent relies on upon the application you're utilizing, yet shopping is the principle reason: If you see something in a store you can check the online cost, for instance, or you can utilize it to request something you're going to come up short on.

10. Wellness tracker

Large portions of the sensors and bits of hardware inside a keen wristband can likewise be found on your telephone. This implies you can track you're strolling, running and different exercises without the requirement for an additional wellness tracker that you wear around your wrist or cut to your garments.

Google Fit is the conspicuous spot to begin, however a hefty portion of the understood wellness following applications can work with telephones and additionally wearables. On the off chance that you require additional information then that is conceivable as well – applications such asRuntastic Heart Rate Monitor can gauge your heart rate through your telephone

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