Monday, 11 January 2016

Advantage of Skype App over Whatsapp App

Advantage of Skype App over Whatsapp App: Skype app is preferred to whatsapp messenger in the following ways:
Skype has come to be a valuable communication device for both house and business individuals alike.
The cross platform device can be made use of to carry out content based conversations with your contacts along with sound and also video clip telephone calls. You could chat with your Skype get in touches with, yet there is likewise Facebook integration which enables you to make use of your social networking get in touch with list.
Whatsapp is a very nice too when it comes to chatting and socializing. But there are things that differ between them hence, the aim of this article.


Advantage of Skype App over Whatsapp App


Skype has both mobile and Pc application which are downloaded for free. If you check out, you will notice that whatsapp (for now) only has application for all mobile phones

Video calling

SKYPE has video calling features which whatsapp do not have.


Already sent message can be edited an resend back again, but whatsapp do not accept editing already sent message.

Downloading System Requirements

 As you may already know that whatsapp feature are small so the system requirement for downloading it is small 

Download Skype for PC/Mac
Sign Up Whatsapp Account 

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