Monday, 3 October 2016

Flash Share App Download | FlashShare for Android, Blackberry & Windows Phone

This is a guess post on how to download and use FLASH SHARE for Blackberry, Windows and android devices. +Carabelle SexxyBae Co-authored McDoglaz Note and Akwa Defender. Below is the article submitted to our editorial board for publication.


Flash share is a free Android App for sharing data between mobile devices. The App developed by Xender comes per-installed in Tecno and Infinix phones as “Flashshare”, but the app can be installed in other smartphones as “Xender” from the Android Playstore and Apple App store.

Download Flash Share App for Techno

How to share files between Devices

Flash share is really powerful app for sharing data from your smartphone to another phone or even PC wirelessly. The app uses Wi-Fi by default, but you can also use the slower Bluetooth wireless technology to share files between phones.
Here’s how to share files between phones using Flashshare......  Continue reading from here: Download Flash Share App for Android, Windows & Blackberry Phones

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  1. I also downloaded gionee xender by following that link. Thanks

  2. Yes. Xender application which works same way and can be used alongside the flashshare.


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