Tuesday, 14 February 2017

How To Study For An Examination

Studying for a test or exams can be very hectic most times, especially if reading is not a habit. The question remains, can one study and make good grades? Yearly, students around the world repeat the same mantras. "It's going to be different this time. I'm going to stay on top of everything, colour code all my notes and never leave anything to the last minute." In reality, that never happens.


If this has been the case with you, this article is your life saver. Below are great steps to follow to study for any exam or test.


Find a suitable study space

Don't go about following others, figure out where you'd feel free and comfortable. Your desk, the kitchen table, the library, a cafe, but wherever works for you and be prepared to stay there. Be sure to stay away from your bed, however as it will increase the likelihood of accidental napping.

Relax, you're in control

This is most important thing to remember, DON'T PANIC! It might be the most important exam of your lifetime, which is never the case but you won't get anything done if you start running around tensed and confused. Be still, calm and collective.

Start preparations

Assemble your resources, Find out more about the task ahead, find out as much as you can about the exam. Questions to ask include:
  • How much is the exam worth to your overall mark in the subject?
  • What type of exam is it (for example, multiple choice, essay, open book, take-home)?
  • Will there be a choice of questions or tasks?
  • How much will each question or task be worth?
Find out what works for you, do you love jotting by the side while reading? Then grab an extra paper, notes, water bottle. Make do with the pink highlighter if you have to. It could be that understand more with when you Use flow charts and diagrams, try that out.


Review past exam papers/practice old exam

Get your hands on any old exam papers from the subject and familiarise yourself with the structure and format. Places you can get past exam papers from include: Your teacher or lecturer, Your school or university library, The Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (new window)

Take regular breaks

Take walk or snack breaks regularly

Time management

You've broken your work up, now do the same with your time. Try to work in 25 minute blocks, with a five minute break at the end. If you know there's a topic you find tricky allow yourself more time to go over it.

Don't cram 

Staying up all night to cram will never help you understand well.  It's better to just review what you've already studied and get an early night. That way you'll be as refreshed as you can be on the day of your exam. If you want to do some preparation the night before, keep it simple: Get all your materials together, Read over your notes, Test yourself on key concepts and Set your alarm.

Talk to someone who knows it better

Never shy away from asking for help. Get help from the guy or girl genius in your class, it wouldn't hurt to talk to your teacher anyways.


Have at least 5-7hours of sleep on the exam, don't feel you'll do better if you stay up late. You will perform much, much better the next day if you brain has had a chance to rest and process the information you've thrown at it.

Set your least favourite song as your alarm. Once you're up, try to get stay alert. Take a cooler shower than you normally would, stick your head out the window to get some fresh air and make sure you have breakfast.You should Look over your notes on the bus or whisper formulae to yourself as you go.

Don't panic in the exam

Relax, take a deep breath then smash that exam like the amazing human you are. Read everything through carefully and tackle the problems you know best or are worth the most points first. Keep an eye on the clock and make sure you're not spending too much time on one section.

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