Friday, 9 December 2016

MMM gives out 50% Bonus for each New PH - Register and Make more Money.

MMM as we have known them so far to deliver on their word, have decided to celebrate with Nigeria. As we get to January 1st, MMM has decided to launch and independence promo to give 50% to any Nigerian that joins MMM nigeria within 26th today till 1st January. All such a person has to do is1. Register/Sign up through the link
2. Go to his/her Personal office and fill in his/her correct and current bank details and the money would be automatically be sent to his or her bank account

Image result for mmm nigeria logoDear Members, tell someone about it. Use this promo to invite friends family, acquaintance, colleagues and as many you know are not on the system.

Note: MMM is not a scheme for the selfish, and the goal is not to make the rich get richer but to put every one on the platform to help and be helped.

To Register Click the link

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