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JAMB Registration Guidelines For 2017 UTME Registration [New]

This is the new changes made in JAMB UTME registration procedures. JAMB registration has really undergone a big change compared to the way it used to be, I believe that this new changes made on the website will have a direct impact on the way and manner that candidates will check 2017 JAMB result online. Lets get to see this new registration guidelines.

JAMB Registration 2017

The latest JAMB registration procedure for the 2017/2018 registration exercise was released by Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board for the interest of the candidates. 

The most amazing change is the scrapping of JAMB scratch cards for registration. We recommend that all aspirants be aware of this recent changes in JAMB registration guidelines so as to have a hitch free UTME registration.

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JAMB Registration Guidelines For JAMB UTME 2017

These are the recent changes and new developments on guidelines for JAMB 2017 registration that you should know;

JAMB Scratch Cards for UTME Registration Discontinued

Oh yes, you got me right. Use of scratch cards for JAMB UTME registration has been stopped.

Reasons for Discontinuation:
  • It's prone to fraudulent practices
  • It is old fashion (Archaic)
  • The accountability is zero.

Payment Options For JAMB Registration

Below are the acceptable method of payment for UTME 2017 Registration;

  • Web Payment: ATM issued cards (Visa, Verve and Master card)
  • Quick Teller Mobile Application
  • Bank Branch (CASH / CARD)
  • Online Quick Teller
  • ATM Payment

JAMB Registration Options

There are four (4) available options to any candidate who wishes to register:
  • A mobile app will be created for a candidate to download for his/her registration and payment after which he/she goes to the Registration Centre for biometrics capturing only. 

  • All systems at the Registration centre will be enabled for candidates who wish to go to the centre to register by themselves using the Registration Centre Systems, pay with card and then go for biometric capturing. 

  • An operator at the Registration Centre assists the candidate with entering his/her data for registration, then goes to the bank to pay and capturing of his/her biometrics. 

  • A bank official from a bank selected by the Registration Centre will be available to accept payment from candidates with cash. He does the registration, receive the cash and the candidate goes for capturing of biometric.

Requirements for UTME Registration

  • O’ Level result or O’ Level subjects expected (in the case of those applying with awaiting results.)
  • Candidates personal details
  • Choice of Institutions, Courses and town of examination the candidate has opted for.

Correction of Data by Candidates

    • Candidates will be emphatically informed to guard their registration numbers jealously as registration numbers are personal and security items to candidates. 

    • Any candidate who compromises his registration number, does so at his/her own risk.
    • Any candidate who wishes to correct his/her data (e.g. age, date of birth, state of origin, s*x, name etc.) after completing his registration and submitting will have to go through the following process: 
    • Payment of administration fee
    • Give reason for the correction online and NOT coming to the Board’s Headquarters
    • Wait for clearance to be given before the correction can be made by the candidate online.

      Registration at the Computer Based Tests Centres

        All candidates who wish to do their registration at a registration centre should be assisted as follows:

        • The centre should provide systems for candidates who wish to do their registration by themselves. 

        • The Computer Based Test Centre should have technical staff who will assist candidates who need help. 

        • Assist candidates who wish to complete payments with their cards. 

        • Collect not more than Seven Hundred Naira (N700) from both Candidates who do only biometric capture and those who do full registration at the Registration Centres. 

        • Each Centre to choose its banker from the approved banks.

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          Payment to Computer Based Test Centres of Public Institutions

          • Computer Based Test Centre in public institutions should be urged to register as ventures.
          • This will enable them to receive payment and easily access funds to pay their workers without necessarily going through bureaucratic processes.
          • While the NET profit can be transferred to Treasury Single Account (TSA) where applicable.

          Provision of Brochure to Candidates

          In order to minimize errors during registration by candidates and also to ensure that candidates have ready access to the brochure needed for registration, the brochure will be provided in the following modes:
          • The brochure will be on the JAMB portal. As soon as a candidate creates his/her profile on the JAMB portal, there will be a link that will take him/her straight to the brochure. He/she is to confirm reading the brochure for continuation of registration.

          • As soon as the candidate creates his profile, an electronic copy of the brochure will be automatically sent to his/her e-mail which he/she has provided.

          • A CD of the brochure and Syllabus will be given to him/her at the biometric capturing site.

          • Candidates can also access the JAMB brochure and JAMB syllabus online

          • At the point of capturing the biometrics, there must be an evidence that the candidate collected the brochure CD and recommended book.

            Activities of Banks at the Registration Centre

            • All Registration Centres will be given a list of accredited banks.

            • Each Registration Centre will be allowed to choose the bank it would like to work with.

              After choosing the bank, an officer from the bank will be stationed at the centre to do the following:
              • Assist candidates to create their profile and pay through any of the payment options they wish to use.

              • Collect Seven Hundred Naira (N700) per candidate for either registration and/or biometric capture directly into the account of the centre.

                The banks will be expected to open avenues of payment:

                • Payment of Application Fees 

                • Payment of Seven Hundred Naira (N700) to the designated account of the Registration Centre. 

                • At the end, give a receipt to each candidate for the Seven Hundred Naira (N700) payment for registration or biometric capturing at the centre.

                  Abuse by Approved Centre and Cyber Cafe Operations

                  It has been observed by the Board, that in the past, there were lots of irregularities during registration of candidates. Some of which are as follows:

                  Irregularities Observed

                  • Off-line registration means that candidates are given template form to fill and enter their details and the Registration centres would later enter their data for them on-line at a later time when the candidates were not present. 

                  • Registration Centres did off-line registration for candidates and in the process of completing them on-line, mismatched their images and made mistakes in the candidates’ data. 

                  • Registration Centres deliberately went to the hinterland to register candidates off-line in order to create Special Centres where they could further perpetrate Irregularities during examinations. 

                  • Punish uncompromising candidates by changing their centres and/or institutions without their knowledge/consent. 

                  • Swapped and replaced particulars of uncompromising candidates with others and used money paid for other candidates.

                  Measures Taken by the Board

                  • Payment for access code by Registration Centres has been cancelled. All systems in the Registration Centre will be enabled for the registration. 

                  • None of these systems therefore can be used for registration outside the Registration Centre. 

                  • Candidates will now have access to all the systems at the Computer Based Test (CBT) Centre for the registration exercise. 

                  • This is unlike before where only one system was used by the Computer Based Test (CBT) Centre for registration. 

                  • Candidates will be properly educated to understand that their registration numbers are private and security numbers which they must not divulge. 

                  • Any candidate who discloses his/her registration number, does so at his/her own risk. 

                  • An alert system has been created for notifications on changes in the candidates details at each stage of the registration process.

                  Accountability in Registration Centres

                  • Registration Centres are hereby urged to appoint credible staff to man their Centre to ensure credibility and accountability. 

                  • It has also been observed that some Public Registration Centres refused registration because of “low return”. 

                  • These returns are not low as claimed but officers in charge do not remit appropriately.

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