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JAMB Registration Guide For 2017 UTME Exercise

JAMB Registration Guide For 2017 UTME Exercise: This is the few tips we've come up with to guide you upon JAMB UTME registration. Continue reading below:
JAMB Registration Guide For 2017 UTME Exercise

JAMB Registration Guide For 2017 UTME Exercise

 Creation Of JAMB Profile

This is the 1st stage of the registration, the Joint Admision Matriculation Board advised all students to create a profile on the official jamb website Without the creation of your profile you cant proceed to complete your registration. The process of registration has been made easy all you need is a valid Email address [G-Mail preferable] Click on th link and fill in the details shown on the page and submit, move to verify the account by checking the email you use to signup and complete the account creation.

You can also create the account through the official JAMB Mobile Registration App. Also visit any JAMB registration center/cyber cafe nationwide to register for JAMB UTME.

Click here after creating your JAMB profile for JAMB PIN Vending procedure.

JAMB UTME Pin Vending

This is the 2nd Stage of registration. After creating your profile you are to locate any accredited jamb centers near you to get your e-pin- see list of centers here. In a process whereby the accredited centers near you are not yet authorized for the issue of e-pins, you are advised to locate any of the bank and request for the pin, Access Bank, Zenith Bank, Unity Bank, Skye Bank, GTBank, Jaiz Bank, FCMB, UBA e.t.c and request for the pin vending. If successful in any of the listed bank you are advised to visit the accredited center with the pin to complete the registration. Please note that the bank and the centers are the only body authorized to issue pins any body apart from this two bodies should be avoided.

Please also note that during pin vending do not make payment using the REMITA platform on the JAMB website. The Pin Vendors has a way to remit pins for you without using remitta, so inquire please before proceeding with the Pin Vending procedures.

Complete Your Registration:

After generating your pin from the bank or the centers the registrar in-charge is now expected to logon to the Jamb registration portal to complete your registration. Please make sure the registrar logs in with your the profile you created in Step 1. Give them your Email and Password to grant them access to your profile, They are now expected to make payment on your behalf with either their debit cards or yours which ever one they requested for [Please be-careful in this process and check your debit sms from your bank, Do not give your debit card to non authorized agents]. During the registration process you are expected to fill your Name, Address and Location, Select Exam centers and Fill your Olevel Result [If you are yet to get your Olevel Result you can choose awaiting result], You are also required to enter the name of the Registrar and Upload your passport [White Background] and also capture your 10 Finger Prints during the registration. Make sure you fill all the details required accurately as there might be no room for amendments of any data wrongly entered. Please before you submit make sure you cross check your details been entered and submit. Print out your registration slip, and return at a stipulated date to reprint inorder to get your exam center date and time.

Please Remember that JAMB introduced the Mock Exam for candidates who are not familiar with the CBT Exercise, you are also advised to select the option during registration in-order to be eligible to participate in the exam coming up on 8th April, 2017. Cost 700 Naira for the exam.

NOTE: The Registration should be done by you, you are not allowed to send any representative to register on your behalf to avoid any mistake. Also note that you are not allowed to register twice to avoid been disqualified.

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