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Delete Facebook Group : How to Delete My Facebook Group Permanently

Delete Facebook Group : How to Delete My Facebook Group Permanently True, when you started your Facebook Group you hoped to keep it updated with new members signing in and the brand awareness increasing as fast as you can imagine but along the way, you got entangled with other tasks that do not give you enough time to build your Facebook group to the level you had previously imagined. So finally boils down to deleting the group. 

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Delete Facebook Group : How to Delete My Facebook Group Permanently

In this episode of Learn Facebook Basics, we will show you how to get rid of your FB group and recommend some suggestions that you may like.

How to Delete Remove A Facebook Group

You probably might be asking why things you aimed to build suddenly becomes what you are desperately searching for solutions to get rid of... Way life works!

Without further preambles, let's see how to remove your Group from Facebook.

Before we proceed, keep in mind that Groups can only be deleted by the Group admin. Individual members can not delete a group created by another except they have the right to do.

The right to permit might mean that the creator left the group and made a member the admin of the group. Member with that right can delete a group.

Importantly, remember that once you delete your group, you'll never be able to recover or undo delete again. Make sure you are not just jumping into conclusion of deleting your group.

Recommendation: Consider archiving your group. To archive your group, it means you are at the liberty to undo delete and restart your group when you have sufficient time and resources to manage your group.

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Steps to delete your Facebook Group

To delete your group:
  1. Go to the group you want to delete and click Members below the cover photo
  2. Click  on the gear icon next to each member's name and select Remove from Group (Repeat this until your remove all group members)
  3. Finally, Select Leave Group next to your name.
  4. Confirm delete Group.

No.. I prefer Putting my group on Archive

To archive your group, follow the steps below:
  • Go to the group you want to archive and click below the cover photo
  • Select Archive Group
  • Click Confirm

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That's all that's required to delete and archive Facebook group. Please help us share this article.

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  1. The Archive feature is not there either. I cannot delete members and i cannot archive the group... ?????????


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